Yuriy V. Goncharenko

GPS reciever



      In the framework of the project we have designed the low cost receiver for L1 GPS signal measuring. Using of this receiver allows us to obtain the RAW data such as pseudo-range, phase and SNR. The main chip of receiver is Trimble Copernicus II.

     The PCB for receiver was designed in PCAD and printed by express technology

 Top and bottom view of PCB.

      The measuring matrix which contains of four GPS receivers is constructed. Using this setup we try to determine size and position of atmospheric inhomogeneities which can affect on radiowave propagation.

GPS antennas on the roof of IRE NAS of Ukraine

There are some preliminary results of measurements:

  Example of data obtained during radio occultation measurement of satellite SV31 in dry weather condition (fig. 1) and after rain (fig. 2). 


 Authors of project:

  • Alexey Kovorotniy
  • Yuriy V. Goncharenko